Looking at Heather’s current paintings, it’s easy to picture the works as taking shape over a span of years, developing a theme and patiently exploring variations on it. It is easy to see her works aren't rushed, or even mildly hurried. Her pieces such as are energetic, but each is also full of a deep, even meditative calm. That’s reinforced by the repeated use of circles, a deeply centering symbol, as visual motif.

Heather’s approach to creating her art also lends itself to meditation, calling to mind the work of monks deep in silent introspection or the creation of a sand painting using no tools but the creators’ fingers.

Everything in her life is heavily focused on texture, from foods to clothes to her choices of media. Just as there are certain foods that she will not eat due to texture, there are certain items she will not use in her art as she doesn't like the way they feel under her fingertips.

Her approach certainly works it makes its way to the viewer through with a calming and yet stimulating clarity.
Pretty Heather